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Weekly Wishes #40

Weekly Wishes #40

Weekly Wishes with Megan Joy Jaunts

This picture is of the tiniest elevator I’ve ever had the pleasure of being forced to use. My tookus is up against the wall on the right and what you see is the remaining floor space. It really added to the charm of the little boutique hotel in Paris.

Last week my goals were to call a gardener to come get my yard straightened out and to organize my workspace into zones for all of my side projects. It has been raining nearly every day here in Germany, so the yard issue has yet to be resolved. “Call later,” they say. These weeds aren’t pausing their growth, guys. It’s getting a little scary out there. As for the workspace organization… Fail. I keep adding to the mess instead of cleaning it up. Soon….

I’m getting on a plane and jetting off to Orlando tomorrow for a conference, so this week I’m all about fun goals. Last week’s goals can wait until I get back to Deutschland.

1. Shop enough to fill a new suitcase.

I need new shoes and summer clothing, so I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I’ve got a fabulous outlet mall nearby. I can hear my credit card screaming in terror already.

2. Dance!

This conference is for my new business and there will be plenty of opportunity for me to get up and dance. I am looking forward to getting down with the girls!

That’s it for me for this week. I will get back to business when I get back!

How about you? What are you trying to achieve this week?


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Sunday Reads #7

Sunday Reads #7

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This Thing Doesn’t Blow. It Sucks!

This Thing Doesn’t Blow. It Sucks!

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