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Megan at the Louvre, Paris, France

Hello, and welcome to Megan Joy Jaunts! I’m Megan, and I’d like to be your guide to adventure. What are my qualifications for this job? My long list of what I believe in will serve as my CV.

I believe….

I believe in beauty in everyday things, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, and loving myself.
I believe in everyday adventures, big and small.
I believe in laughing, crying, learning, reflection, and dreaming.
I believe in taking care of myself and treating myself well.
I believe in encouraging myself and others.

After 30-something years, I’ve finally started to live for myself, and I’d love to be able to encourage you to do the same. As a disabled veteran with PTSD, anxiety, and depression, this hasn’t always been easy for me to do, but now that I’ve found what makes my heart sing, I’m jaunting through life one adventure at a time.

First C-130 deployment

What is holding you back?

Megan About Me Pic

I let fear of the unknown hold me back for many years. I let fear of failure keep me from pursuing a passion. I spent far too many years as a timid daydreamer. Now I’m making up for lost time, traveling as often as I can, seeking out new experiences, and attempting to try something new at every possible turn.

Usually, you are the only thing holding you back. Once I realized I was the one limiting my experiences, I jumped into action. I was no longer satisfied with my daydreams, and I broke free from my self-imposed restrictions.

I’m no longer holding myself back!

What is Megan Joy Jaunts?

Megan Joy Jaunts is my space to share my jaunts through my adventures. I share travel photos and tips, words of motivation and support, and the occasional random post about my dog.

Doc Marten Thinker

I keep a running list of my adventures on my travel page. This page also includes my upcoming trips and my bucket list of fabulous places to visit before I leave Europe. Check back often! I update the page for each trip, so it’s constantly evolving.

I discovered a new love for photography once I started traveling, and I load my posts up with as much beauty as I can without overwhelming your computers. There’s so much beauty to share, and I am learning as much as I can about how to capture it.

Questions?  Feel free to drop me a line at megan@meganjoyjaunts.com.

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Email: megan@meganjoyjaunts.com

Thanks for dropping in on my little corner of the blogosphere. I hope you’ll stick around for a bit!