Luxembourg City Walking Tour Part 2 – Travel Tuesday

Luxembourg City Walking Tour Part 2 – Travel Tuesday

It’s Travel Tuesday, a weekly linkup with Belinda of Found Love. Now What? and Bonnie Rose of A Compass Rose. This weekly linkup is something I look forward to every week! Please stop by the linkup and make some new blog friends!

A Compass Rose

Last week I showed off three of Luxembourg City’s gorgeous churches. The history, the architecture, the stained glass…. All so beautiful, and all still in use. This is one of the things about Europe that amazes me. The US is so “new” compared to the countries in Europe. The churches I toured were all older than my home country, and they were so beautiful that I had to give them their own post. This week, I’m showing off the rest of what I saw on my walking tour of Luxembourg City.

Luxembourg City Walking Tour Part 2

I have to reiterate my recommendation to visit the city travel office. They gave me tons of great info, including a map of a couple of different walking tours and some info on the Luxembourg Card (which is a great deal!). The statue above is of William II, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg. It is located in Place Guillaume II, or William II Square (imagine that), and the city travel office is on the west end of the square.

From here, the self-guided tour moves on to the Palace of the Grand Dukes.

Palace of the Grand Dukes, Luxembourg City

The Chamber of Deputies (on the right) is an annex to the Palace.

Palace of the Grand Dukes and Chamber of Deputies, Luxembourg City

There was a large market set up in the square in the Place d’Armes, a large square known as “the Parlour of  the City.” The City Palace, an administrative building that also houses several festival halls sits one the east end of the square. To the west end of the square is a monument paying homage to two national poets, Dicks and Lentz.

City Palace Collage (1)

The centerpiece of Constitution Square is The Gelle Fra, or Golden Lady. It was set up in 1923 to commemorate Luxembourgers who died in World War I. It was pulled down by the Nazis in 1940 and restored to its original appearance in 1984. Today, it symbolizes freedom and resistance for Luxembourg.

Constitution Square, Luxembourg City

This is the street corner at Constitution Square on the left. I thought the phone booth was adorable, and caught a shot of it with the Ancient Jesuit College and the Cathedral to the Blessed Virgin (the Notre Dame) in the background. On the right is a peaceful little park down in the Petrusse Valley.

Walking Tour of Luxembourg City

Below on the left is the Place de Metz. The Viaduct Bridge, which has 24 arches, is on the right.

Place de Metz and Viaduct Collage

 The Grand Duchess Charlotte Memorial is the centerpiece of Clairefontaine Square.

Grand Duchess Charlotte Memorial in Clairefontaine Square, Luxembourg City

I took this next picture on the walk up to the Corniche, known as “the most beautiful balcony in the world.” This shows the Bock Promontory, Casemates, and Archaological Crypt along the Alzette River and above the Grund. The center of the picture shows the exposed foundations of Luxembourg’s first stronghold.

Bock Promontory, Casemates and Archaeological Crypt Over the Grund

I also took several more pictures of the Grund on the walk up.

Grund, Luxembourg City

I opted to take the tour of the Crypt and Casemates, but getting good pictures was a challenge. After finding myself in a tight space that made me more than a little bit uncomfortable, I decided my tour was finished. I did catch a shot of a beautiful park below the casemates, as well as another view of the Grund before I hotfooted it to the exit.

Bock Casemates Collage

At this point I decided that I was ready to give up the walking-tour guide and just wandered for a bit, taking in the scenery and architecture. This whimsical art piece was just outside a metro station.

Fair Sculpture Collage

…and then I wandered a bit more before grabbing a quick lunch and some macaroons before heading home for the day.

Lux City Collage

Lux City 2 Collage

I had a fantastic day in Luxembourg City. Of the day trips I have taken since moving to Germany, this has been my absolute favorite. I have a list of the attractions I did not have time to see, and I will definitely be making a return trip!

Have any of you been to Luxembourg City? What was your favorite part of your trip?

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  • Kate Hall

    Luxembourg looks beautiful, I am dying to go before I leave Europe. I also love the fact it’s super cheap 😉

    • Megan Joy

      Go! It’s an easy drive, there’s plenty to do, and it is so beautiful!

  • Jessica – Independent Travel C

    So many people traveling through Europe skip over Luxembourg and its great to hear that you had such a great time. It looks lovely and I bet its not as crowed as many of the other great cities of Europe. Hope to get here some day.

    • Megan Joy

      My experience with crowds was much better in Luxembourg than in Trier or Heidelberg, but I did happen to hit Heidelberg on a big festival weekend. I do hope you get to Luxembourg City. It’s amazing!

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    I’ve never been to Luxembourg; never thought that it would be that interesting. But your post has totally sold it to me. Such beautiful pictures. One for the list! I do love Travel Tuesdays – it’s a great way to discover new places and find recommendations

    • Megan Joy

      I don’t think I saw even a third of what there is to see on that trip. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to go back in the spring.

  • Erica @ thebartlettsabroad

    Those dancing statues are just so happyiness-inducing! Love them 🙂 I know what you mean about things here seeming old… in SA if something is 100years old it’s considered as really old, here that’s pretty new!

    • Megan Joy

      I loved the dancing statues! The area was a bit creepy, so I didn’t spend much time there, but I really loved how much they made me smile.

  • A Local Wander

    I was in Luxembourg for only one day when I did an exchange to Europe in high school-it was BEAUTIFUL! I definitely will add it to an itinerary the next time we make it to the northern end of the continent.

    • Megan Joy

      For such a tiny country, there is so much to see. I want to go back and explore further north of Luxembourg City.