This Thing Doesn’t Blow. It Sucks!

This Thing Doesn’t Blow. It Sucks!

I take pride in packing as lightly as possible when I take weekend trips. I challenge myself to pack less each time, and the first thing I chuck out of my suitcase is usually my hair dryer if the hotel I’ve booked says that the rooms have hair dryers in them. Makes sense, right? Why would I take up precious space in my carry-on or tote bag if there’s a hair dryer waiting for me?

This is why.


When I traveled to Paris this past weekend, I looked all over the bathroom in my hotel room for the hair dryer that the booking website promised. The contraption above was attached to the wall by the mirror, and because I couldn’t find anything else resembling a hair dryer, I finally figured out that this was all I had to work with.

This thing sucks. It doesn’t blow. IT SUCKS!

I have a lot of hair. A lot of women talk nonsense about having thick hair, but they’re smoking crack. I have a TON of hair. It’s like wearing a horse blanket on my head, but I love it so I refuse to go back to the short hair I sported when I first joined the military.

….so this hair dryer caused a few problems. It was about as effective as standing under a ceiling fan. Awesome.

Thank the flying spaghetti monster for dry shampoo.

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  • Van @ Snow in Tromso

    Yep these things would probably be better vacuum cleaners than blow dryers and unfortunately they are in almost every swimming pool in Germany which is why you need to pack a blow dryer too if you want to spend sunny summer afternoons by the pool πŸ™

  • Katrina Elisabet

    YES! I’m in Rome right now and encountered this contraption for the first time. I hate it. And I can’t use my own hair dryer because ive already fried one converter trying to use it. Oi.

  • KC Saling

    I wouldn’t even know where to start with that thing. Yikes!

  • Food Booze & Baggage

    That is the worst! I have a ton of hair as well and have run into this same problem!