Weekly Wishes #39

Weekly Wishes #39

Weekly Wishes with Megan Joy Jaunts

The Dude is finally back to feeling like himself again. My big clue was him jumping up into bed this morning and making sure he stepped on my bladder repeatedly. Love that little guy!

Last week my goals were to follow up with all of the customers from my first trunk show and to start filling in my editorial calendar with post ideas from my most recent vacation. Done and done! I got my largest sale from that trunk show from a follow-up customer, and I’ve got some fun things to share with you in the coming weeks on this here blog.

This week I have a few extra commitments at work, so I’m not sure how much I’ll accomplish outside of the office. I do have a few things I’d like to get done around the house, though.

1. Call a gardener to come get my yard straightened out.

After my back surgery last summer, I let the weeds take over the planting beds. I need to get someone out here to get the initial clean-up done. I can maintain it all myself after that.

2. Create different zones in my workspace for all of my different side projects.

I have blog stuff, photography stuff, and my jewelry business stuff all floating around different places in my house. I need to get my office corner better organized so that I can find things when I need them. This place is a wreck!

That’s it for me for this week. I think between these projects and what I have going on at my office job, I’ll have plenty of things to fill my time.

How about you? What are you trying to achieve this week?



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  • http://kcsaling.com/ KC Saling

    Glad the little dude is back up and jumping around. It’s always hard when a pet is down and out, because you can’t ask them what’s wrong and they keep looking at you like they want to tell you and…someone just invent a pet translation app, already!

    We’ve got our yard pretty much intact, but I hear you on getting some help to get started on things – I’m thinking about splurging for a cleaning service to come in to take care of the house before my mom visits at the end of summer. We have construction dust and junk everywhere, and it would totally be worth it to 1) have a clean house for my mom to see, and 2) not have to do it ourselves!

  • Nicky

    So happy to hear that he’s feeling better!